Voodoo dolls to represent faithless boyfriends are about to become a big seller in Europe, according to manufacturers in Frankfurt on the eve of a novelty-goods fair.


Instead of crying their eyes out, scorned girlfriends can make a joke of it all by buying pincushions, toothpick holders and chopping boards with representations of the hated former lover on them.


The gag shows up in a variety of booths at the July 4-8 Decorate Life show, where 3,000 exhibitors from 76 nations are showing off humour products, knick-knacks, garden decorations and luxury tableware.


Organizers at the Frankfurt fairgrounds said they expected 60,000 visitors, mainly retail purchasing executives and about one third from outside Germany. Only the luxury section is open to the general public.


Other gag-ware includes a pocket calculator in the shape of and smelling like a block of chocolate. An ice-mould in the shape of a set of teeth produces some unusual party ice and goes under the name “Frozen Smiles.”


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